Financial Community

While Elevo is not itself a financial services company, we have worked closely with the finance community in the past. The speed and efficiency required by clients attracts us to the sector, the complexity of challenges encountered rewards both our clients and ourselves.

Family Businesses

Family businesses are often faced with a broad set of challenges which are often so multi-dimensional that standardised managerial models do either not apply or do so only in part. We have a passion for family businesses and many of our early backers come from their ranks. It is our aim to apply bespoke solutions with the usual rigour and professionalism to projects from our family business clients while allowing enough space for creativity and individual needs of each business and its specific vision.

Family Offices (FO)

The unique, demanding and complex challenges family offices meet depending on their structure (Single Family Office, Multi-Family Office, foundation or holding company) are an area in which we have acquired profound expertise. The complexity and range of strategic challenges Family Offices meet are ever evolving. We seek to elevate Family Office performance on the strategic and operational sides while maintaining the highest standards in our own work for these most demanding of clients. We provide a comprehensive and flexible service to Family Offices which encompasses all strategy-relevant areas.

Private Equity (PE)

Considering the efficiency requirements of PE firms, we can help implement strategic projects in post-merger and post-buy-out scenarios as well as help achieve better operational efficiency post-acquisition. Our extensive skill set can be used in an array of strategy-related areas for the PE business cycle.