Strategy Consulting

Strategy Development

As our core consulting capability, we aim to keep this process as simple and concise as possible. While using established consulting methodology and frameworks, we give our projects the necessary flexibility to appeal to entrepreneurial clients.

Projects may become complex and multi-faceted when they move out of their development stage. In our strategy development work we therefore base ourselves on solid data and strong research. We keep the process simple and always place the main stakeholders of a project at the heart of our approach. We work with our clients beyond standard consulting models to achieve unique, lasting and actionable strategic solutions.

Strategy Implementation & Monitoring

As a compact practice, we are proud to be able to follow a project from inception to implementation and on to an initial phase of performance monitoring. In doing so we seek to create lasting value for our clients and test our joint assumptions in detail. Here our general view that strategy should be kept simple meets the practicalities and complexities of everyday operational reality.

Strategic Project Coordination

In cases where a clear vision or requirement has already been identified and a client seeks a solution, we are happy to help coordinate a team of experts including ourselves to achieve maximum efficiency in an often tight time frame. Expert coordination can eliminate inefficiencies and save considerable costs for our clients.